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Kartchner Caverns State Park
Discovered in 1974 but only open to the public since 1999, Kartchner Caverns State Park in Arizona features a limestone cave full of 13,000 feet of interesting and adventurous passages. Arizona's newest state park showcases two gargantuan underground rooms, each of which encompass an area the size of a football field.

Park rangers provide guided tours on a thirty-minute cycle. Unfortunately, the Big Room Tour is only offered between the months of October and April. Plus, this time period excludes the first half of October as well as the latter half of April. The reason for this is simple enough even if it is a bit out of the ordinary. Once a year, every summer, the Big Room is transformed into a giant nursery and underground ecosystem for more than one thousand baby bats...read more about Kartchner Caverns »

Desert Botanical Gardens
The Desert Botanical Gardens in Arizona are in Papago Park and have some of the most amazing desert plants worldwide. Very few botanical gardens are actually accredited by the American Association of Museums, but the Desert Botanical Gardens in Arizona are. That is because there are more than 50-acres of outdoor exhibits...read more about Desert Botanical Gardens »

Grand Canyon: Visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, your family can take a leisurely burro ride into the canyon or stand high above this natural wonder on the skywalk at the visitors' center. There are campgrounds, as well as hotel lodging which means you can take your time exploring this amazing natural wonder.

Lake Powell: Outdoor activities are plentiful in Arizona. Lake Powell provides water sports, a striking landscape and views of the night sky that are breathtaking. Houseboat rentals, campsites and nearby modern motels provide lodging options ranging from primitive to state of the art.

Monument National Park: Located in the northeastern area of the state, Monument National Park delights visitors with its renowned mesa's and plateaus. Hot Air balloon and helicopter tours of the home of Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner are available. Your family can visit Anasazi ruins and have lunch with the local cowboys while visiting Mesa Verde.

Painted Desert: Breathtaking scenery and color will delight any one visiting the Painted Desert. Sunrises and sunsets that have inspired many a professional and amateur artist will astound anyone who takes a moment to look skyward. Encompassing more than 93,000 miles this protected wilderness area is dotted with camping facilities, bed and breakfast locations and modern motels.

Petrified Forest: The Petrified Forest National Park is only a short drive from the Painted Desert. See first hand the forest where dinosaurs once roamed. Preserved for generations to come, petrified trunks of gigantic trees are just a few of the variety of fossils that have been discovered here. Hiking trails take visitors through the Giant Forest, all ending at the Agate House Museum....read more about Arizona Vacations »

Canyons and Meteor Craters
Northern Arizona's badlands are a surreal landscape of ochre canyons and sand-coloured mesa, of splintered cacti and sagebrush.

This part of Arizona has remained unchanged for millennia - one that existed before Man learned to measure time by seasons and constellations wheeling above him.

As I stand on the rim of a gigantic circular hollow gouged into the barren earth, an Arizona desert wind ruffles my hair and whispers secrets of ancient cataclysmic upheavals of earth and fire. It tells of an event 50,000 years ago that created what lies far, far below my viewing platform: the largest meteor crater on Earth.

It is nearly a mile across, 550 feet deep and large enough at its base to encompass 20 football fields, while two million spectators would fit comfortably along its sloping walls. ....read more about Sedona Arizona - Canyons and Meteor Craters »

Colorado River Rafting
A Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip is more than just a vacation. For many, it is the trip of a lifetime - an unforgettable adventure to be savored and shared with family or good friends. Grand Canyon Whitewater, an established Colorado River rafting outfitter, shares that many of their guests on Colorado River rafting trips have planned their excursion as a unique celebration of a special milestone in life. Think about it ? do you want to celebrate your 40th birthday with just another backyard barbeque or seated across the table from your Aunt Edna at the Olive Garden? Or would you rather see the excitement on your kids' faces as they recount the day's thrilling adventures on the mighty Colorado River? Maybe sip an ice cold beer as the sun goes down on some of the most breathtaking natural scenery the world has to offer, with good friends at your side and no worries on your mind?....read more about Colorado River Rafting »


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